Medicaid Eligibility

Medicaid Eligibility

States have some discretion in determining which groups their Medicaid programs will cover and the financial criteria for Medicaid eligibility. To be eligible for Federal funds, states are required to provide Medicaid coverage for most people who get Federally assisted income maintenance payments, as well as for related groups not getting cash payments.



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The first step for many is finding out if we are eligible for Medicaid

Am I Eligible for Medicaid?

The Medicaid Program provides medical benefits to groups of low-income people, some who may have no medical insurance or inadequate medical insurance.

Although the Federal government establishes general guidelines for the program, the Medicaid eligibility program requirements are actually established by each State. Whether or not a person is eligible for Medicaid may depend on the State where he or she lives.

Do I Qualify for Medicaid?

Many groups of people are covered by Medicaid. Even within these groups, though, certain medicaid eligibility requirements must be met. These may include your age, whether you are pregnant, disabled, blind, or aged; your income and resources (like bank accounts, real property, or other items that can be sold for cash); and whether you are a U.S. citizen or a lawfully admitted immigrant. The rules for counting your income and resources vary from state to state and from group to group. There are special rules for those who live in nursing homes and for disabled children living at home.